Monday, November 28, 2011

Remove Trojan horse agent_r.ATS self-concealing agent of extra malware

Trojan horse agent_r.ATS is a computer infection that subtly conceals its most important files. Whenever possible, it detects shortcomings of security devices currently installed on a compromised computer system for the purpose of protecting its own body and other infections, with the task of which hidden introduction it is preoccupied. The shortcomings are unpatched vulnerabilities which the trojan could use to disable a range of  the weak software features, or even completely uninstall helpless antivirus.
Some security applications become adware under impact of the infection as their 
protective power is bound while their last detection, which is the trojan in question, becomes an annoying popup. Removal of Trojan horse agent_r.ATS does not require any super-special ploys and technologies, save the remover must be able to resist the attempts of infection to interfere with it.
Click here to download free scanner properly secured from the malicious agent and get rid of Trojan horse agent_r.ATS. Please note detection name offered by the free scanner could be different. Tip: delete everything found malicious by the scanner and quarantine everything reported to be suspicious.

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