Friday, November 25, 2011

Remove Win32/Cycbot.B multi-purpose parasite notorious for introducing fake antispyware

Win32/Cycbot.B acts in line with general instructions issued by default and special orders received from remote server. The most noticeable task it fulfills is the download services rendered to malicious programs, especially rogue security tools such as Think Point malware etc.
Removal of Win32/Cycbot.B, if it acts as a dropper for malicious counterfeits, is the most essential part of cleanup, for it would otherwise re-introduce the rogue, and the history would repeat that way until you eradicate the malicious downloader.
Besides promoting fakes the trojan collects information, both currently typed and obtained by key-logging and stored in the computer memory, so that your computer system may be subjected to attack prepared according to the data stolen and conveyed by the multi-purpose infection.
Click here to get rid of Win32/Cycbot.B, as well as other threats of any severity level. The treatment available on following the above link would also cover errors induced by the malicious invader.

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