Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Get rid of Zaberg.exe in spite of its tininess and recycle bin dodge

Zaberg.exe installation can occur in spite of the presence of antivirus, for the size of its installer does not exceed 50 kb, which is a critical threshold for good many security scanners. As for such a tiny infection the rogue has a payload of great diversity. It does not run independently though, and is always a part of bigger malware.
Removal of Zaberg.exe is also aggravated by storing the malicious file in separate folder created within Recycle bin. The trick is too plain and hardly enables the infection to bewilder few low quality security suites.
A peculiarity of the file is that its name has been observed in some legitimate applications. Therefore the file and process name as such does prove presence of contamination on your PC. Click here to remove Zaberg.exe only when it is found to be a part of malware – the link will download free scanner that perfectly distinguishes between harmless and malicious entries.

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