Thursday, May 19, 2011

Get rid of “Your Windows has been blocked” popup

“Your Windows has been blocked” is a title of a popup generated by popular program-extorter.
It targets Windows users of any system version regardless of system activation status.
The popup imitates Windows environment and is allegedly generated on behalf of Microsoft because of intellectual property rights violation. It  demands a 100 Euro penalty to be transferred by Western union to natural person residing in one of the Eastern European countries like Romania.
 The case study of the trojan has unveiled a certain Mr. Simon from Brasov, Romania, who is supposedly acts on Microsoft behalf and is to receive a penalty. Needless to say, it sounds simply ridiculous that Microsoft corporation, first, blackmails users in such a rude way, second, acts via mediation of Romanian natural person and, third, asks you to use Western  Union instead of online banking. 
Get rid of “Your Windows has been blocked” popup and do not provide incentive for hackers to develop new scan schemes as they will get encouraged for new malevolent exploits, if you pay them as they demand.
You may need to get your computer system into Safe Mode with Networking to start the removal of “Your Windows has been blocked” popup, i.e. trojan that displays this popup. To switch to the suggested mode, order system restart and tap F8 repeatedly while system is restarting to enter boot menu and select the suggested mode.

“Your Windows has been blocked” popup hijacker screenshot:

Reliable removal solution:

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