Friday, May 20, 2011

Get Rid of W32-Qbot (W32/Qbot) and Uninvited User of Your PC

Computer systems are, by default, aimed to serve their immediate users. However, other users with advanced skills, which rather must be programmer, are of another opinion as they use  W32-Qbot (W32/Qbot)  and similar parasites to change the order dramatically. That is, the ultimate task assigned to W32-Qbot  is to re-subordinate compromised  computer system to remote user (remote hacker).
In the wild, there are different degrees of the goal accomplishment. In most case, all that the bot infection in question achieves is engagement of a compromised PC into spam distribution, but there is always a space for further manipulations, which are subject to hacker’s orders and the infection integration into computer system.  In any case, W32-Qbot  removal is not an action for procrastinating – click here to get rid of  W32-Qbot  applying free scanner that will provide comprehensive system inspection in shortest terms.

W32-Qbot variants:


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