Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Get Rid of Mac Protector as a New Headache for Mac User

Mac Protector (MacProtector) is a new counterfeit targeting Mac users only. The program says it is going to take care of Mac systems protection.
Its installation is usually made by users as they have watched online scan showcase on one of the adware websites. The websites are promptly registered  url to block and browser with advanced protection would not open them.
However, there are other routes available for the fake Mac utility, through which it may infect your machine, even if your browser is secured from opening its cheating websites.  In particular, the adware installation is a task preset for several dozens of infections classified as trojan dropper variants. They will not ask your whether you like the program or not and download and install it without any regard to your opinion.
Get rid of Mac Protector and properly protect your PC applying  advanced free scanner to detect the fake advertiser  and properly perform Mac Protector removal. The free-scan remover link is here (BitDefender for MAC).

Mac Protector snapshot:

Mac Protector removal tool:

Mac Protector manual removal info:
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