Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Antivirusan.com virus removal

There are many traps in the Internet that lead to suspicious websites. Hackers maintaining this website use such traps to draw visitors to its main page and fake scan page. The purpose of this website creation and promotion is to spread fake antispyware product that then will annoy users until its removal. Its registration is not the way as the adware will demand extra and extended and updated etc. registration until user keeps paying it.
Another method of sending visitors to this website is a browser hijacker introduction. Get rid of Antivirusan.com hijacker as it is the program that makes you visit this and other unwanted pages. Software for removal of Antivirusan.com related threats and a free scanner are available here in one kit.

Antivirusan.com screenshot:

Antivirusan.com removal tool:

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