Saturday, May 21, 2011

Remove “Warning! Piracy Detected” popup and trojan related

“Warning! Piracy Detected” is a title of a popup generated by program (trojan) that extorts money from users. The popup  says pirated content was detected on your PC. Finally, the alert informs that as soon as in a week you will receive “subopena”. Evidently,    “subpoena” was meant as the hackers   misspelled the word.
On the background of such inaccuracy there are  five logo images of antipiracy foundations at the bottom of the very scary alert. That is   odd why such venerable organizations failed to proofread a single alert. The answer is plain as they have no relation to the alert, which is a trickery run by hackers.
The first popup  is then replaced with another one, which is an immediate purchase online form. Paying only 400 dollars will be enough to settle down the whole affair, according to it. 
However, there is another way, which is to get rid of “Warning! Piracy Detected”  popup, all the more paying the fine as the hackers suggest is no guarantee that the annoyance will be gone. Click here to fix the issue of the removal of “Warning! Piracy Detected” popup detecting and destroying relevant trojan.

“Warning! Piracy Detected" screenshot:

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