Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Get rid of Mal/TDSSconf-A as yet another TDSS variant

Mal/TDSSconf-A is another variant of TDSS rootkit. Rootkits of this family are widely applied to protect software products of counterfeited quality and to subvert host system replacing original system loader by the loader installed by remote attacker.
It may be also detected as a modification of Alureon rootkit.
The rootkit payload is not limited by any margins, if it manages to establish a connection to remote server.  It may be used as a basement for more complex payload threats and be a part of a large-scale scam.
This modification is suspected to participate in massive attacks on major world bank servers acting through infected machines, which are used by users in online banking.
Removal of Mal/TDSSonf_A is case-specific and is subject to the degree of the rootkit influence on computer systems. To prevent the rootkit deletion failure, click here to get rid of Mal/TDSSconf-A  applying verified way of the rootkit extermination.

Mal/TDSSconf-A remover:

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