Friday, May 6, 2011

Remove Mac Security (MacSecurity) rogueware

Mac Security (MacSecurity) seems to be a blind antivirus as it is installed on Windows computer systems much more often than on Mac computers in spite of its name. In any case, it fails to provide a basic security but succeeds in oppressing computer systems and annoying and scaring user with its dreadful threat notifications. That is, the program is but another counterfeit that imitates computer security software. It is out of main trend as it is, judging by name, a Mac specific software while most of contemporary products faking computer security guards are Windows specific.
Use BitDefender Antivirus for Mac to get rid of Mac Security virus, as well as to detect, indentify and eradicate other fraudware for MacOS X.

Mac Security screenshot:

Solution to remove Mac Security rogueware:

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