Saturday, May 14, 2011

Get Rid of Win32/Olmarik without any formatting

Win32/Olmarik removal does not require such ultimate measures as system formatting. Moreover, the program attempts to add its scripts into files that remain intact after formatting. If it manages to do that, formatting will not do for the issue.
Hence to guarantee extermination of the threat you need to detect all its copies and perform their disposal.
The infection usually targets Windows users. It may block a Restore Point feature in XP, Vista and Win 7  as many users who tried to get rid of Win32/Olmarik have  reported and observations on the infection behavior have proved. In addition, the virus blocks other Windows features.
It is not an immediate executor of a malicious task, but an intermediate infection. It connects to the web and downloads other malicious files, which cause direct harm to computer systems and their users.

Win32/Olmarik variants:


Win32/Olmarik Uninstaller Download:


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