Thursday, May 19, 2011

Remove browser infection

Hijacker is a computer infection which payload (set of malicious tasks the program is deigned to fulfill) is executed through web-browser.  Most of the hijackers are dedicated to one, few or many websites. is a website served by hijacker. The hijacker may bear various detection names subject to its peculiarities. The differences do not relate to the hijacker payload though.
The website promoted by hijacker  is a rogue security tool (Antivirus Protection) promotional page. It consists of a main page that provides general description of the software product and online scanner. Of course, actual features of the fake antispyware are not specified on the website as that is a developer’s  description and the developer is a group of hackers that market the counterfeit.
Online scanner is usually not available in the main page menu. The hijacker immediately redirects to the scanner passing by the main page.
Removal of page is a subject of user’s help requests. The deletion need appears due to repeated unwanted page appearances .
Click here to initiate free scan and get rid of related browser infection, as well as the unwanted content marketed on that page, if applicable. screenshot: removal tool:

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