Wednesday, November 5, 2008

UltraAntivirus 2009 Remover - Remove Ultra Antivirus 2009 malware

How can we describe application that has Antivirus 2009 its parental program? Ultra Antivirus 2009 is the same money soaker and system devastator created to introduce new malware still unrecognizable for majority of malware removal tools. The platform of UltraAntivirus2009 does not differ at all or differs very slightly from the one of Antivirus 2009, since any obvious deviations were not found. That means removal of UltraAntivirus2009 is not to be postponed. In opposite case, your system is likely to be hardly damaged due to planned attacks of this malware and due to its inherent rudeness.
UltraAntivirus2009 installs at your PC its trail version, as a rule with zlob.trojan or using hidden link at online scan-page technique and then requires paying for registration of full version in order to remove “threats” discovered by the trailware. As you might have already understood, all “threats” disposed by UltraAntivirus 2009 free version are false positives of its “scan”. The first threat to remove is UltraAntivirus2009 itself.
Click the link below to download Spyware Doctor with antivirus and start scanning your PC in order to detect rogues like Antivirus 2009 and perform timely Ultra Antivirus2009 removal.

Ultra Antivirus 2009 web-site screenshot:

Ultra Antivirus 2009 automatical remover (free scan):

Ultra Antivirus 2009 manual removal guide:

Delete Ultra Antivirus 2009 files:

Delete Ultra Antivirus 2009 registry values:
Uninstall\Ultra Antivirus 2009
Run “Ultra Antivirus 2009″

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