Sunday, November 30, 2008

Brief Description of ExtraAntivir: rather virus than adware

“How to remove ExtraAntivir” is a popular request in Google now. ExtraAntivir 2.8 removal is on demand, because users dislike alerts by ExtraAntivir removal which may be so frequent that Windows freezes because of them. However, there are stronger reasons to get rid of ExtraAntivir, though users normally are not familiar with them. These reasons are that ExtraAntivir intentionally deletes program files and then generates “timely” alerts saying the virus has disabled some program. This is essential part of ExtraAntivir marketing.
Protect your privacy and data and avoid programs disabling, click the link below to remove ExtraAntivir using SpywareDoctor with antivirus.

ExtraAntivir screenshot:

ExtraAntivir automatical remover:

ExtraAntivir manual removal guide:
Remove ExtraAntivir files:

Extra Antivir.ini
Remove ExtraAntivir registry entries:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Extra Antivir

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