Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Remove TotalSecure 2009 as a rogue fake security program

This malware keeps on developing and have upgraded with new skins. Likewise many other fake virus and spyware removers, Total Secure 2009 (TotalSecure 2009) relies on deceptive tactics of trialware installation which should lead, according to the rascaldom’s design, to purchase of Total Secure 2009 full version. Now new Total Secure 2009 scan window with Windows logo to increase level of user’s trust is illegally used. Bigger Windows logo (flag divided into four sections of different color) is located at the upper right corner while the smaller one is at the title of the window. There was no Windows logo in previous skins of Total Secure 2009.
Click the link below to download Spyware Doctor + antivirus and scan your PC for free and to get rid of Total Secure 2009 with all its annoying alerts and pop-ups; removal of Total Secure 2009 is a must for those who care about system performance and data security, moreover, practice shows that failure to remove Total Secure 2009 leads to system collapse quite soon.

New TotalSecure 2009 screenshot:

TotalSecure 2009 popup

TotalSecure 2009 automatical remover ( free scan):

TotalSecure 2009 manual removal instructions:
Delete TotalSecure 2009 files:
Total Secure 2009.lnk
Delete TotalSecure 2009 registry entries:
Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\”TotalSecure2009? = “C:\Program Files\TotalSecure2009\scan.exe”
Uninstall\Total Secure 2009

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