Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Unquiet and uninvited guest at many computers, Antivirus Trigger, uses trojans to create slow computer problem

Trojan to install, trojan to bother, trojan to slow down – a triple trojanic impact is a principle element of Antivirus Trigger’s attack. First of all, the trojan (usually) installs the trialware of Antivirus Trigger, or asks a user to install screening the popping up alert with corresponding message; then, the trojan goes on with alerts and adds new values to System Registry allowing automatic screening of Antivirus Trigger pop-up and scan; finally the trojan utilizes enormous system resources that makes infected computer to run very slow.
Stop this trickery and do not become another victim of cheeky hackers, remove Antivirus Trigger. Some users (they are perhaps very naive) believe that Antivirus Trigger removal is unnecessary any more as they have paid for registration of Antivirus Trigger; but malware is always malicious and soon either new product advertisement campaign will be started or Antivirus Trigger will ask for updates; by the other words, Antivirus Trigger removal is necessary, no matter whether you have its trial version or full (payable) version.
Download Spyware Doctor + antivirus and start scanning computer for free and get rid Antivirus Trigger, including all relevant trojans.

Antivirus Trigger screenshot:

Antivirus Trigger automatical remover:

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Scott, Lisa, Ryan and Aiden Thomas said...

My PC became infected with Antivirus Trigger last night. I ran HijackThis and fixed everything it said to. I even uninstalled from Remove Programs screen, but it is still on my computer. I cannot do a system restore or even connect to the internet to download a removal software. The main use of this computer is to store and print pictures. If I download removal software to my laptop and then burn it to a disk can I then load it onto my PC, and will my pics be infected if I transfered them to a thumbdrive?
Thanks for any assistance.
Scott Thomas