Saturday, November 22, 2008

Brand new Virus Remover 2008 relies on brand old tactics of malware promotion

“A brand new Virus Remover 2008” (textual quotation from this misleading website is just another fake virus remover supported by trojans and marketed at websites with malicious scripts. One of trojans facilitating Virus Remover 2008 propagation is a hijacker that take control over browsing of infected computer; you probably need to remove hijacker if your have ever been redirected to website entitled Virus Remover 2008, e.g. This hijacker is a trojan also interfering with media players thus the players suddenly stop rendering media files. The trojan then may generate additional alert after true Windows notification of error in files rendering. The trojan’s alert will ask to install codec for viewing new types of media and redirect the browsing to websites with malicious scripts which secretly install various commercial rogue programs at infected computer; unless you get rid of hijacker, this trickery is likely to engage your system into it too. Download Spyware Doctor with antivirus to start free malware & virus search at your computer and perform removal. screenshot: automatical remover:

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As of 5:12 AM EST this site seems to be down. Life is good