Sunday, November 30, 2008

Remove hijacker is one of… hundreds? or thousands?> or more websites “officially” promoting Antivirus 2009. This would be funny if so many users did not report abuses referring to and websites clones. The problem is well-studied now: there is a hijacker redirecting browsing to Unless a user removes hijacker, the history repeats and Internet cannot be surfed by user without inconvenience. All the more, frequent visits to result in shadowed installation of Antivirus 2009 trialaware together with trojans. Remove threats at the earliest opportunity where you have ever visited the same-name website. Click here to download Spyware Doctor + antivirus to start with free scan and get rid of hijacker, trojan and malware. screenshot: automatical removal tool:

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Jim Howrey said...

Help! This hijacker showed up on my home computers yesterday. I downloaded Spy Doctor and it was not successful in removing this thing.