Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Remove defender-review.com threat pretending to be safe, as any threat is dangerous

Defender-review.com, just like fake security tools its promotes, has never been certified by Microsoft (if you visited thios website that is not recommended, you should understand what is meant as there is an image that reads as Microsoft Gold Certified Partner), but hereby we certify this website is unsafe just like Personal Defender 2009 malware currently promoted at defender-review.com. You may need to remove defender-review.com hijacker and relevant trojans in case of visiting this website by own choice or after rude redirection. Download Spyware Doctor with antivirus to get rid of defender-review.com and Personal Defender 2009 trilaware, i.e. perform removal of defender-review.com related rogues like trojans and malware, usually related malware is trialware of Personal Defender 2009.

Defender-review.com screenshot:

Defender-review.com automatical remover:

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Anonymous said...

If you can help me, please email me at ciera@sfsu.edu
Defender-review is evil and I hate it and I want to remove it asap. Please help me if you can.