Thursday, November 13, 2008 - Stop the Avalanche of Antivirus 2009 online “scanners “ and hijackers! is so called online scanner of so called antivirus “Antivirus 2009”. Neither scan one may see nor Antivirus 2009 do not correspond to their declared characteristics, i.e. does not scan your PC in reality but just shows you a “scary movie” and pop-up entitled “Microsoft Security Warning” that prompts users to install Antivirus 2009; in its turn, Antivirus 2009 is not a true antivirus as it cannot detect even the simplest rogues at your PC except trojans installed as a part of overall Antivirus 2009 tricky scheme.
The most reasonable action to do is removal. i.e. to remove hijacker and trialware of Antivirus 2009 with service trojan.
We are recommending free threats detection right now and removal of rogues by professional malware and virus removal tool. The tool we recommend is completely reliable and has received positive recommendations at reliable sources (
Follow the link below to start removal of threats right now. screenshot: automatical remover (free scan):


Marko said...

thx for recommendation.

neligh said...

This just happened to me. My browser suddenly closed (I was on and a pop up with the safari logo on it said "ATTENTION! if your computer is stuck by the spyware, you could suffer ... PC freezes and the creahes" (THE spyware? Creahes?) It went on to say "Do you want to install Anivirus 2009 to scan your computer for malware now? (Recommended)" There was a cancel button and an OK button. I didn't want to touch either and tried twice to force-quit the computer. I also tried to quit Safari, but the option was grayed out. Nothing was happening, so I finally clicked "Cancel" A window then popped up saying "the application Safari canceled shut down", then I got the screen shot shown in this article, with the program now presenting itself as being affiliated with Microsoft (I have a Mac and don't use any microsoft). It seems to have downloaded a document, which is for the moment in my trash can. Thanks for the info.