Friday, March 9, 2012

Remove Worm:Win32/Dorbot to ensure your files and folders are properly displayed

Worm:Win32/Dorbot creates special directory for its entries in the white-listed area of computer system. It is a risk to clean files from the memory sector that contains the rootkit’s directory, unless there is an absolute confidence as regards maliciousness of detected files.
Settling its components in such extraordinary way the rogue proceeds to executing its payload. The result would be astonishing for user as the rogue tends to change the way of folders reflection so that they would turn into the links, which would lead to the online objects specified by the malware or simply spawn other processes controlled by the rootkit.
Removal of Worm:Win32/Dorbot eliminates the permanent tricks it plays with files and folders. A comprehensive free scan solution available here will remove Worm:Win32/Dorbot and the infections it has already succeeded to load onto your computer memory, as well as other threats disclosed in the course of memory examination.

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