Friday, March 30, 2012

Get rid of Codec-C that plays tricks on you instead of playing video

Codec-C is a codec requested by hackers. It is actually not any useful applet, but an infection in the skins of an update allegedly needed to watch video online. It is a trap users need to avoid. However, the request sounds quite common so that is why so many users have fallen victims of the scam.
The following symptoms could be observed upon loading the codec:
- Insertion of evidently unrelated ads into websites at the place where they would not occur in agreement with the website policy for publishing commercials; in the other words, the ads are not published, but merely imposed on the viewer by the hijacker disguised as a codec.
- Start Menu program might disappear in Windows.
- Home-page for all browsers replaced.
Remove Codec-C as the application is used for the purposes completely unrelated to playing video. It plays tricks on you instead, so do not hesitate using the free scan link as a tool for removal of Codec-C adware.

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