Sunday, March 4, 2012

Remove Trojan Horse Crypt.AQLW that exploits running processes vulnerabilities to get onto your PC and carries flexible payload

Trojan Horse Crypt.AQLW makes its way onto Windows computers exploiting vulnerabilities in such programs as MS Access. Please note the trojan can jump onto your computer system exploiting running processes vulnerabilities occurring in various applications so that MS Access is a name specified rather for reference. That is, you are not necessarily a user of MS Access, if you have got the infection on your computer memory.
Payload of the trojan is not a fixed value. It arrives with certain tasks already set up to achieve though. One of those goals is to create a channels through which to receive further commands.
As a rule, detection software performs removal of Trojan Horse Crypt.AQLW along with other threats found related to the trojan in question as a content loaded thanks to its effort.
Get rid of Trojan Horse Crypt.AQLW and any infections it has dropped and protect your PC from further attacks of hackers – load and install free scanner available here.

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