Sunday, March 25, 2012

Remove Polizia postale e delle (CNAIPIC) popup blockade

Polizia postale e delle communication popup is a message, for popping up which a trojan is fully responsible. The trojan speaks on the behalf of Centro Nazionale Anticrimine Informatico per la Protezione delle Infrastrutture Critiche (CNAIPIC), the authority in Italy to deal with cyber crime. Just like in discovered in other countries popups that speaks in the name of their relevant public security offices, the popup under review demands from the viewer a penalty stating it’s an amount due to pay the damages caused to the society by watching porn site featuring child abuse, bestiality etc.
Get rid of Polizia postale e delle virus as that is already a regular practice of hackers to blackmail people putting names of various national criminal control offices into the popups produces by the trojans that, apart from generating annoying scary alerts, block desktop and other items on affected computers.
CNAIPIC (Centro Nazionale Anticrimine Informatico…) removal link is a quick but thorough way to put an end to desktop blockade and eliminate the silly notification. 

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