Thursday, March 29, 2012

Removal of PRC popup as a British variety of copyright ransomware

Performing Right Society or Metropolitan police PRS popups \ blocker \ ransomware is a UK audience targeting scam issued in the same way as its counterparts in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland.
Workflow of the scam is the same for any of the above countries. First of all, the trojan is dropped. The trojan partially blocks compromised PC appealing to violation of copyright laws in relevant country. It typically keeps desktop unavailable, as well as can render unreadable a number of items in other locations. In the long run, ignoring the ransomware paralyzes affected machine.
Remove PRS popup as it is another attempt to speculate on trustworthy names of public authorities. To make the UK copyright popup even more credible, the hackers have decorated it with the coat of arms of the UK Police. Needless to say, neither British Police nor copyright control bodies would issue such a notification. On the contrary, PRS has warned computer user against paying the requested in the above popup £50 . However, the venerable organization has failed to offer a tool to remove Performing Right Society or PRS popup.
There is a trojan behind the popup. To get rid of Performing Right Society trojan (ransomware), follow this link and launch free scan.

Performing Right Society or PRS trojan (ransomware):

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