Saturday, March 17, 2012

Get rid of Trojan:DOS/Sinowal.Q (Trojan:DOS/Sinowal.L) and other components of Sinowal password-stealing infection

Trojan:DOS/Sinowal.Q (Trojan:DOS/Sinowal.L) targets strictly confidential info on affected computer. For that purpose, it manipulates with cryptographic certificates in a sneaky way to trick user into entering valid passwords and account names into the forms generated by the malware. It also attempts to retrieve credentials from browsers, creates a backdoor port and contacts remote server governed by hackers to convey the collected info.
The rogue represents a multi-component family of threats working as a team to fulfill the above tasks. That is why Trojan:DOS/Sinowal.Q removal implies extermination of other threats that belong to its family. In the meantime, the above trojan is one of the most complex constituents of the malware to remove as it installs itself as a master boot record.
Free scanner available here is ready to take the challenge and remove Trojan:DOS/Sinowal.Q along with other items of its strain e.g. WinNT/Sinowal whenever the infections are installed on infected machine.
If you use any sort of web-banking and has got the infection detected on your PC, please contact your financial service to ensure your confidential data is private only to you by changing your account data.


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