Friday, February 3, 2012

Removal of malicious data for unimpeded browsing and more is a forbidden destination according to a browser default security tools. If you are running properly updated web-navigation software, the notice will come instantly to prevent your opening this website.
However, the problem might continue as almost every another apparently safe page is reported malicious because of having data from the malicious site above. This makes people enormously annoyed and rather abused with browser security policy than with the malicious website.
As regards the site in question, it fakes a Facebook page. While users stay connected and try figuring out what is going on as the page certainly would look a bit unlike their Facebook account, the download of malware is in progress. Some users had been unfortunate to open the fake Facebook page before it was banned by major browsers, and most of those unhappy visitors got their machines badly infected, including browsers installed, which is why they started to encounter problems opening virtually any website.
In order to get rid of issue, there is no need to fix browser settings etc. A working solution is to remove malware (malicious content dropped from the website) following the free scanner link. By the way, browsing restrictions is just one of the multiple issues you are about to fix applying the recommended antimalware tool. screenshot:

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