Saturday, February 25, 2012

Get rid of Trojan-sms popup generated by Windows Smart Warden adware or another rogue antivirus – deletion of counterfeited software

Trojan-sms is a bizarre detection name occurring in fake antispyware reports. Originally, though, the name has been offered as a conventional designation for the category of malicious programs used to send high-rate paid sms from infected machine. It is rather an out-of-date technology targeting dial-up Internet users.
Currently, users are rather suffering of fake alerts by such applications as Windows Smart Warden, which a phony antivirus cloned from popular pattern.
Hence removal of Trojan-sms has now a prevailing meaning of eliminating popup referring to the name of real threat that has not been detected for real, but mentioned for scaring purposes instead.
Get rid of Trojan-sms misleading alert issued by pretended security solution for Windows – free scanner link will supply detecting and removing remedy for the that purpose. The solution will eradicate the source of deceptive popup, the fake antispyware called Windows Smart Warden or its counterpart.

Trojan-sms screenshot:
Trojan-sms removal solution:

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