Monday, February 6, 2012

Get rid of as another unfair competitor to Google competes with Google? Sounds funny – means true.What makes the site so powerful is a tiny applet many users have got on their PC. A range of tactics are employed by web-crooks to infect unprotected machines. An unprotected machine for the tiny program in question is any working station vulnerable to its infiltration – that is, basic and even somewhat advanced protection is no guarantee of your PC security against the parasite.
The malicious application is instructed to take over browsers of a compromised machine. It monitors user’s request. Whenever Google and some other search tools are requested, it interferes and redirects the browser to the above url.
Removal of is another instance of Google virus extermination. Free scanner available here will safely and completely remove hijacker as it is a verified exterminator of hijackers of various types. Besides, it provides proactive defensive system that keeps your PC away of tricky applets. screenshot:

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