Friday, February 10, 2012

Browser keeps redirecting to and

Remove and are supported by black-listed program. It is a modifications of browser hijackers. Their previous variants have been used in forced promotion of hundreds web-addresses.The only goal pursued by the hijackers is to make computer it has landed on open the page in the given intervals and in response to user’s activities, in particular, to orders related to Google. That is, the rogue is known to moderate Google searches by intercepting user’s requests and redirecting to badly relevant to search criteria page at the aforementioned website.
Most of the abuse reports on the redirects describe the issue as a simple redirects without specifying details of browsing modification.
Remove and black-listed search modifiers. The extermination will instantly improve your browsing quality and ensure unimpeded access to any website.
Clicking here leads to free scan launching followed by and removal and exhausting cleanup of your compute memory. and screenshot:

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