Saturday, February 11, 2012

Get rid of Shopathome toolbar that stealthily blocks legitimate shopping portals

Shopathome may cause inconvenience while you explore the web. In general, it is removable from a particular browser which it extends. However, as long as it remains installed as an add-on to a browser web-surfing in any browser is moderated in favor of the dubious online shopping facility.
Removal of Shopathome toolbar is extermination of a low-risk infection. To be honest, most security solutions dare not classifying the toolbar and modifications related as a threat and expect their users to manually remove Shopathome toolbar and undo corresponding changes, if they grow annoyed with its impudent assistance.
Fortunately, the link provides free scan tool to get rid of the unwanted browser extension without expecting users to perform any complex browser settings adjustment. The tool also exterminates more serious infections and cookies installed along with the toolbar that blocks direct access to other online shopping portals.

 Rename the remover to "explorer.exe" or try to install from Safe Mode if virus blocks download\installation


ShopAtHome said...


The toolbar comes with an uninstall program. It is not recommended that you use a removal software. It is our experience that this provides unpredictable results, while the uninstaller will completely remove the toolbar.

The uninstall program can be run directly from your control panel under Add/Remove program.

For further information on how to safely remove the shopping toolbar, please visit:

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact


Customer Service Manager

Anonymous said...

If your crappy toolbar comes with an uninstall program, WHERE THE HELL IS IT?