Friday, December 16, 2011

Get rid of Win32/Ollmarik.ASX, yet another Olmarik virus

Win32/Ollmarik.ASX is a one of multiple variants of notorious Olmarik trojan. Trojan is a general name for the infection. It is classified so as its prevailing introduction routine is a manual download by users who are misinformed regarding the content they are writing into the computer memory.
Boot record of compromised computer system is typically modified by the infection. That is why experts reasonably classify it as a rootkit without prejudice to its definition as a trojan.
Removal of Win32/Ollmarik.ASX deals with core system objects. It is a kind of cyber surgery on vital system elements. Any excesses are likely to put system out of order. Click here to entrust reliable free scanner with the task of high-precision detection, and remove Win32/Ollmarik.ASX ensuring the extermination is complete, yet harmless components remain unharmed.

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