Thursday, December 15, 2011

Remove Ping.exe and learn the way to tell true file from malign homonyms

Ping.exe is often used to cover scam. Originally, the executable is a genuine Microsoft file, which plays important role in Windows functioning. In the worst case, hackers delete the useful file and inject malware assigning to it the same name and installing it to the folder from which the genuine file has been deleted.
The true Windows file bearing the abused name should have 17 kb or 311 kb subject to the folder containing it; there are two options, C:\Windows\System32 and C:\Windows, respectively.
Removal of Ping.exe requires thorough verification to ensure the file is actually malicious. Comparison against standard size clearly suggests if the file belongs to malware, if there is a divergence. Otherwise, it can be both malign and benign. Entrust the mission of making final conclusion to professional security solution. Click here to run free scan in order to get rid of Ping.exe issue, as well as other components representing all the types of malware.

Rename the remover to "explorer.exe" or try to install from Safe Mode if virus blocks download\installation

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