Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Get rid of Win32/Sirefef.DK, master component of its family and remaining infections

Win32/Sirefef.DK is responsible for downloading routines in the family of threats focused on distorting user’s web-browsing experience. The resulted effect for users would be incorrect functioning of Google and other search services, opening of intrusive websites, extended time of pages loading.
The above infection is only a downloader though. It exiles in executing this task as the time consumed for downloading rather large redirect component of Sirefef is extremely short. Besides, it can shield the download from antivirus and firewall programs.
It is understood that the stronger protection you have the lesser is the risk of having any troubles with Win32/Sirefef.DK removal. Free scanner available here would not let the trojan downloader infiltrate into computer system, needless to say of executing its payload. Use the recommended link to trigger free scan and remove Win32/Sirefef.DK along with the master virus of its family, as applicable, as well as rid your PC of the remaining parasites.

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