Sunday, December 25, 2011

Removal of Win32/Olmarik.AWO and Win32/Olmarik.AWT

Win32/Olmarik.AWO and Win32/Olmarik.AWT are variants of  Olmarik rootkit that targets 32-bit systems. Newer version of the infection are capable of targeting 64-bit systems (Win64/Olmarik).
The infection can also be registered in the wild with such root names as Alureon, TDSS, TDL.  Its installation onto PC modifies  MBR (master boot record). Actually, this kind of installation goes beyond integration of a program into system environment as a rootkit is  integrated into  the kernel of  victimized PC. Consequentially, it survives system reinstallation, needless to say of system backups. EvenHDD formatting, sometimes does not remove Win32/Olmarik.AWO and Win32/Olmarik.AWT.
To get rid of Win32/Olmarik.AWO and Win32/Olmarik.AWT and prevent execution of their malicious payload, please follow the  free scan link. This will supply security suite capable of  solving security issues  in MBR and within installed OS.

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