Monday, December 19, 2011

Remove Win32/Sirefef.dv and malicious downloads it has completed

Win32/Sirefef.dv is vexing Internet community as its deletion presents irresolvable challenge for many security solutions, even those described as dedicated solely to the task of its deletion. There is even website named after the virus and supposedly dedicated to the issue of its extermination. The page, however, is not currently available for any comments as it simply fails to load.
The rogue in question is a downloader component in Sirefef family. Its mission is to carry a load of other elements of its strain, which are immediate extorts of the tasks pursued by hackers such as causing redirects, promoting fake products. Removal of Win32/sirefef.dv is essential for rooting out its entire family. Unless you get rid of Win32/sirefef.dv and only exterminate the final payload executors, the story will repeat as the dropper will introduce the infections again and again. Click here to prevent further downloads that harm you computer system upon running free scan.

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