Wednesday, April 27, 2011

W32.Virauto Worm Removal Help

Basic methods of W32.Virauto dissemination are as follows:
1. MSN and other messenger: the messengers are used to spam malicious link which instantly drops another copy of the worm on its activation. This method is a part of spying as user’s private messenger’s data is retrieved and sent to remote server;
2. Removable and network drives are common  carriers  of the infection providing its exchange as users share info from PC to PC. That is, for instance, if you copy a file or folder  infected  with the worm into removable or system drive, it may be merely picked up by another users, so the infection will jump into another computer system. That is one of the reason why immediate W32.Virauto removal is critical;
3. ZIP files are infected, no exception has been observed so far, with the worm disguised as gif or scr file.
The worm attempts to  impede or block download of a software product that can remove  W32.Virauto and other threats. In particular, it  hijacks web-browser and does not allow access to a number of websites related to computer security.
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W32.Virauto uninstaller:

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