Saturday, April 9, 2011

Remove Related Threats

Hijackers are essential additives to websites promoting counterfeits. is one of such websites as it is associated with hijacker. The hijacker has already been detected in several modifications.
A hijacker is a program that acts on computer systems to control web-browser (it hijacks browsers). The hijacker in question is dedicated to the above website and arranges a stream of visitors to the above page  by means of redirecting browsing of compromised computers.
The counterfeit tool promoted at the above website is a rogue antivirus program. The rogue is also spread  with spam and injected directly via backdoor channels of computer systems.
As you see, there are two threats to delete in this case. Removal of rogue antispyware and hijacker may be needed at once or separately.
In order to get rid of issue and other privacy and security threats, click the free scanner link here. screenshot: remover download:

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