Thursday, April 14, 2011

Get rid of Rogue:Win32/FakeRean that fake Windows security

Multi-face counterfeited product is detected by several genuine AV tools under the following detection name:  Rogue:Win32/FakeRean.
In the meantime, there are several dozen of names given by hijackers to this program, e.g. WindowsFixDisk, Best Malware Protection, VistaSecurity.  Those names are used in GUI presented to the victims of the scam.
Removal of Rogue:Win32/FakeRean  means the same whatever name and face it would take. The same tricks are applied in propagation and post-installation   life of the fake antivirus. In particular, the adware  is often dropped as a Windows Security Update, i.e.  users download the parasite taking it for genuine Windows software. Click here to launch free scan and get rid of Rogue:Win32/FakeRean  and real viruses.

Rogue:Win32/FakeRean remover:

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Anonymous said...

I just got rid of it by running windows safemode & system restore.