Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Remove Windows License Locked Message

Windows  License is not always locked when you see a popup dressed up as a genuine Microsoft message. If you have ever installed Windows on your own, you probably remember that the window reminds you the dialog you went through to install this computer system.
Currently there is a scareware that generates a Popup titled Windows License Locked. The popup wears dressing of Windows installation mode. It is to emphasize that Windows is actually locked. However, the popup is then replaced with another one that provides a phone number to call for activation code. The phone number is an overseas number and you in no way  should call it  or you will be charged at incredibly high rate for nothing.
Indirect proof that the popup is a scam is that Microsoft  would  never use expressions like that, neither it  matters anything to it whether websites viewed  from your PC are pornographic.
Removal of Windows  License Locked popup related files that generate it is what you need under such circumstances; to get rid of Windows  License Locked popup and other infections, click here.

Windows LicensePopup screenshot:

Windows License Locked Message remover:

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