Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Html:source.inf Issue: Fix for HTML:Iframe-inf Error

Html:source.inf is a website based virus. It seems to be very powerful threat as even renowned security solutions fails to eventually remove  html:source.inf, also may be detected as HTML:Iframe-inf.
The problem has become really annoying as legitimate solutions keep producing the above virus related alerts  blaming and blocking obviously legitimate pages. Many users grew irritated and started to look for effective html:source.inf fix.
The security issue does exist and so far no software products intentionally annoying users with the above name have been observed. The problem is not a local problem of a particular browser as the infection reported in one browser is again detected in any other.
Two outcomes are possible. 
First situation is that there is actual infection in place. Naturally it is not located directly in obviously safe websites reported infected. The problem relates to the way the website is delivered, but it is not affixed to a single browser. Whatever browser you use, the problem would persist. 
The second situation happens due to error of legit software.
There is a single fix available for both situations. To simplify understanding of the solution, try SpywareDoctor free-scan solution. Click here to fix html:source.inf applying the aforementioned tool.

Download Html:source.inf (HTML:Iframe-inf) Remover:

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