Thursday, April 14, 2011

Remove browser affixer is too much popular place for visits as for newly created page.  However, one may wonder, that could have been a consequence of a legitimate web-traffic attraction by means of purchasing it and advertisement.
However, in this case even a shallow study have provided clear evidence that the website visitors are victims of browser infection. The simplest way to establish that is to get the most approximate but trustworthy statistic of unique visits and total page impressions. Average website of this kind, if promoted in fair way, would have a ratio of unique visitors to total page impressions tending to 100%. In this case, you would have this ratio rather tending to 0,  i.e. visitors seem to adore this page. Why do they?
The answer is very simple. There is a browser infection affixing them to the website. It makes one user  visit this page unlimited number of times until the hijacker of removal is done.
In order to get rid of hijacker and, if applicable, bad content foisted off  through that page, do not hesitate clicking here to run free scan. screenshot: removal tool:

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