Wednesday, October 29, 2008

True knights have no relation to malware or why remove AntispyKnight

Why remove AntispyKnight? Of course, there is no reason to get rid of AntispyKnight in case this malicious software is not installed or downloaded at your PC. However, if you have seen scan generated or if you simply installed it by your own, perform AntispyKnight removal as soon as you can. If you fail to remove AntispyKnight trialware and even registered copy for which you have paid, your system may simply be destroyed thanking to the efforts of this rogue.
AntispyKnight scares users with its scan when numerous false positives are listed as results; it bothers people also with alerts and pop-ups saying that the only way to deliver your PC from evil, i.e. from rogues harming it, is to buy registered copy of AntispyKnight. This is not the worst thing though. Worst of all that in order to prove that your PC is really oppressed by various viruses, Vireusknight... harms your system itself. Finally, the measures it takes leads to system collapse.
Click the link below to download Spyware Doctor + antivirus scan computer free of charge and to remove AntispyKnight once and for all.
Tip: if you are not sure whether infected (such situation may appear, first of all, in case of hidden installation of this malware as time is needed for AntispyKnight to be installed with bundled trojan after being downloaded, or your operating system may temporary suspend its activities, however it is unlikely that the system can manage to eliminate the danger without support.

AntispyKnight's web-site screenshot:

AntispyKnight automatical remover:

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