Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Trusted medicine to remove av-check-online-scan.com malware and hijacker

If you have visited web-site Av-check-online-scan.com, you may still remember how it works. WARNING! Do not download this page any more or at all as it may contain malicious scripts and this is a real challenge to your safety! However, that is easy to say that the site must not be visited while it is a hijacker, i.e. your browser home-page may be set as av-check-online-scan.com and anytime launching web-browser you are drawn to the same page, av-check-online-scan. Honestly, too many people allow such treatment, they simply say “damn hackers’ and… forget this. If this case is yours, trialware of some rogue might have been residing for few ages in terms of computer industry at your local disks. This application collects and sends any data that it finds useful to the remote server. Stop this trickery, remove av-check-online-scan.com related scamware right now!
One may say “come on, man, what are you messing about. I know this site pushes certain scam, I know its name – WinSpywareProtect!”. And I would agree – you are right, but is there are any conflict with my explanation of av-check-online-scan.com? I have just complained that not only this is a single reason to get rid of av-check-online-scan.com. Moreover, WinSpywareProtect is not a single malware promoted by av-check-online-scan.com so that complex tool should be used for your PC scan and cleanup. Follow the link below to scan computer free of charge and to perform av-check-online-scan.com removal and get rid of related threats with help of trusted malware removal tool (Spyware Doctor + antivirus).

Av-check-online-scan.com screenshot:

Av-check-online-scan.com removal tool:

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