Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Remove WiniGuard, another prompt PC crusher and fake malware remover

How will WiniGuard help you? – if you have ever visited home-page of Winiguard, you might noticed this question. The best answer – Winiguard would help you if it commits a suicide.
Users of infected with Winiguard computers, perhaps, will not smile after this joke, as influence of Winiguard is so hard that there is no time to smile. Remove Winiguard immediately if you have already suffered of its activities. Winiguard is very rapid program in terms of computer devastation; the harm is caused intentionally to scaring purposes, system disordering is accompanied with alerts and scan generated by trial version of Winiguard. You may be unaware of Winiguard’s presence until it has not customized your OS to perform autonomous installation and there are may be a number of splits through which the fake remover can enter your PC. Get rid of Winiguard, the sooner the better. Click here to scan free of charge your PC and to perform Winiguard removal by Spyware Doctor + antivirus with free scanner.

WiniGuard's web-site snapshot:

WiniGuard automatical remover:

WiniGuard manual removal instructions:
Delete WiniGuard files:

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