Wednesday, October 29, 2008

AntiVirus Sentry: another rogue to remove

AntiVirus Sentry offers for installation its trialware that lists imaginary viruses and other rogues as threats. This listing is done in the process of scan conducted by this fake virus removal tool after either you installed this malware manually or it came without any formal and informal invitation. Even the payable registered copy is harmful just as it is too rude and conflicts with programs functioning at your PC. Needless to say you need to remove AntiVirus Sentry in order to restore best system performance and just to prevent its crush. Use reliable malware removal tool to scan your PC free of charge and to get rid of AntiVirus Sentry, as well as to remove related malware and viruses. If you are not sure that infected and AntiVirus Sentry removal is needed, simply follow the link below to download SpywareDoctor with antivirus and scan your PC free of charge and then perform malware removal, if any.

AntiVirus Sentry screenshot:

AntiVirus Sentry automatical remover:

AntiVirus Sentry manual removal instructions:
Delete AntiVirus Sentry files:
AntiVirus Sentry.lnk
Delete AntiVirus Sentry registry entries:

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