Thursday, October 9, 2008

RapidAntivirus (Rapid Antivirus) - new rogue. Removal information

CNN is back! Hackers used to like adding statements saying that huge number of computers are infected referring to CNN. Then, for several months CNN was out of hacker’s favor and it was RapidAntivirus fake malware remover the first to be back to restore the tradition.
Unfortunately, this is not a main peculiarity of RapidAntivirus as for the moment of this post submission. Remove RapidAntivirus as a rogue that may steal your private data instead of detecting threats; in addition, RapidAntivirus, though it is very young malware, has already destroyed at least hundreds of operating systems even if half of abuses were false. Its download and installation is usually made by trojans which should be deleted too. Download SpywareDoctor + antivirus to detect for free and to get rid of RapidAntivirus and other malware.

RapidAntivirus screenshots:

RapidAntivirus removal tool:

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