Saturday, October 25, 2008

What is Antivirus Plus and why remove Antivirus Plus?

Antivirus Plus (AntivirusPlus) belongs to one of the oldest malware families and directly emanates from such notorious fake remover as SpyProtector. The malware group to which Antivirus Plus belongs is known to hardly endamage systems infected with trial versions of fake malware removers constituting this group. Get rid of Antivirus Plus, because it does not differ from SpyProtector and other malware. Trialware of Antivirus Plus usually comes with fake codec or with troajn. At the same time, advertising in the Internet through fake scan pages is widely applied. Any installation of Antivirus Plus is a partly or complete trickery and removal of Antivirus Plus should not be postponed. Reliable software is to be used for Security 2009 removal. Follow the link below to get SpywareDoctor+antivirus with free scanner and enjoy your system functioning with no malware oppression.

Antivirus Plus screenshot:

Antivirus Plus automatical remover:
Antivirus Plus manual removal instructions:
Delete Antivirus Plus files:
Antivirus Plus.lnk
Uninstall Antivirus.lnk
Delete Antivirus Plus registry entries:
CurrentVersion\Run “AntivirusPlus”


Anonymous said...

Thanks !! I wasted a whole Sunday fighting this until I found your analysis. The worst part was I bought Mcafee to try to get rid of this and didn't even detect it! (which I will be returning promptly).

Anonymous said...

Thanks .. this worked great .. I spent all day trying to get rid of this before finding this analysis.