Saturday, January 14, 2012

Remove Cuerpo Nacional de Policia misleading popup as a long-expected remake of La policía ESPAÑOLA virus

Cuerpo Nacional de Policia virus has been recognized as a misleading alert generated by Ukash virus and targeting Spanish citizens. It is a counterpart of detected at the beginning of September 2011 La policía ESPAÑOLA virus.
This time the misleading message is more specific in the sense it is posed as a notification on the behalf of Direccion general de la policia, Y de la Guardia Civil, thus the originator of the notification is described more precisely.
The popup claims illegal activity has been detected and the OS has been locked for violation of the laws of Spain. In Spanish this reads as follows: “Fue detectado un caso actividad ilegal. El systemo operative fue bloquado por violacion de las leyes de Espana”.
A forfeit is demanded, in particular for accessing pages of the web containing child porn, bestiality etc, as well as many other sins are mentioned.
“Para quitar el bloqueo del ordenador, usted debe para una multa de 100 Euro”, which means that the reader is due to pay 100 Euro in order to unlock the computer. Two payment methods are available, one of which (Ukash) is used as a generic name for fake police ransomware booming in most of the EU countries and US. However, Ukash itself has issued a warning against paying any money when facing a misleading message of such kind and suggests removal of Cuerpo Nacional de Policia popup, as well as fake warnings written in the name of police authorities in various countries.
To get rid of Cuerpo Nacional de Policia popup as another issue of Ukash virus, click here to run free scan as a first step to PC disinfection.


 Rename the remover to "explorer.exe" or try to install from Safe Mode if virus blocks download\installation

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