Friday, January 13, 2012

Remove PUP.zugo potential threat that proves to be actually annoying

PUP.zugo refers to program responsible for installing and keeping installed Zugo toolbar. To make things clear, let us consider what is behind the detection name as it is not but a random set of digits. First part of the name, PUP, stands for potentially unwanted program. Second part of the denomination, Zugo, is a name of self-praising search engine that offers in extremely annoying fashion its services, in particular, entices users into downloading and installing its toolbar.
Apart from installing the toolbar the search service is known to be supported by special programs that modify user’s default search preferences. Many users are indignant at such manipulations. A typical complaint on the subject runs that Google has ceased to be default search provider and displays multiple errors. Therefore removal of PUP.zugo is often understood as elimination of Google redirect virus.
If you are experiencing unwanted redirects to Zugo website and/or unhappy with the same-name toolbar, click here to get rid of PUP.zugo and other redirect issues as detected by free scanner.

 Rename the remover to "explorer.exe" or try to install from Safe Mode if virus blocks download\installation

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